“Our aim is to provide our clients with professional and cost effective solutions in the areas of commercial and real estate transactions, and general corporate law” 
- Dr. Eszter Pakucs


The Pakucs Law Office was founded by Dr. Eszter Pakucs in 2001.

Our special expertise is with real estate transactions, commercial and general corporate law. We also have experience of buying and selling companies.

In relation to real estate, we provide legal consultancy for both real estate developers and landlords, and represent buildings owners’ interests in the course of their legal relationships with tenants.
In the field of property law we have accrued experience in commercial real estate, co-owned properties, condominiums, and real estate trading.

In relation to commercial and general corporate law, we regularly provide advice for companies to their legal matters in the course of normal business management and in the preparation of contracts. 

Our clients are national and international companies, as well as private clients.  

The staff of our Law Office is efficient, precise and focused, with complete dedication to our clients’s interests. We offer excellent English skills, which enable us to have negotiations in English and to prepare bilingual documents and legal translations.

Our Law Firm is located in Dorottya Udvar, Budapest XIth district.

Contact Us:

Dorottya Udvar,  C Porta Bocskai út 134-146., Budapest, H-1113 Hungary
Tel: +36 1 279 3000,  Fax: +36 1 279 3003